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O-Town In Trouble?

Okay, I gave my review of OFC in the infamous "Who's going to OFC"
thread but Suzie asked me to start a new thread to tell you all
about what Mike had said at OFC last night. Well Everyone had heard
the rumors of Otown were breaking up and Otowns done after this tour.

After his funny stories things started to get very serious. He
first started to talk about how all the cd burning brought all cd
sales down 60% and because the record companies are taking such a
hard hit, J records is talking about joining forces with Arista (i
think) and that puts otown in some turmoil. Because if your cd isnt
selling 10,000 copies a week they drop you. So that puts Otown and
alot of other artists in that category. Like just recently Will Smith
was dropped of his record label with Sony. The conversation went on
and you could just feel the seriousness in the room and I finally
raised my hand and said "What can Us as Otown fans do...because we
don't want to lose our guys" and you can hear a few people agree and
he took a deep breath and said "You know when I toured with BSB...I
would never go in one of their prayer circles..because I found it
hypocritical." He started to get emotional and soon my tears were
flowing. He said "But with Otown...its real they genuinely care about
everyone." So by now the whole room was crying.

And he said that he talked to one of the big guys yesterday with the
guys and he basically said that he is going to try whatever he cans
to make sure that Otown sticks around and all we as Otown fans can do
is pray, buy their albums, and request on the persisitant
let the world know that we havent forgotton Otown. Which I am sure
all of us as Otown fans will be able to do right?

Our boys are caught in some turmoil and if they are stuck lets do
what we can to get them out.]


But maybe us fans can help! Here are some ways how we can help! We
can't give up on Otown..we just CAN'T!!!!!!

-> Ways To Support O-Town

If you can do some of these, especially #2, that would be great,

(1) Sign the petition going to J Records/Clive Davis -> It has over
1600 signatures!!!

**(2)** Send a letter of support out to J Records. Send the
letters, here:

Mr. Clive Davis
J Records
745 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10151

(3) Request O-Town on YOUR OWN local radio stations.

(4) Buy O-Town merchandise!! If you don't have a lot of money, go
out and buy their TATD single -> it's only $2.99 + tax (comes out to
$3.59 I believe), and it includes a live performance of "American

We can't let Otown die! Please do anything to help them! THANKS :D
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