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I got this e-mail.......

Just a reminder to ALL O-Town fans! ONLY 21 DAYS, WHICH IS THREE WEEKS FROM NOW until the re-release of O2! PLEASE remember to purchase O-Town's sophomore album on July 12th, 2003 to help our guys out with record sales, so that we can let everyone know that O-Town's fans are still here! Let's do this for our guys, please!!!!!!!!! If this is the first notice you have received on this, let me know at, and I will send you the original e-mail that has a LOT of information. Thanks again for reading and I hope you take the time out on July 12th to support Trevor, Ashley, Dan, Jacob, and Erik-Michael. Thank you again, Sarah
P.S. Please help me spread the word about this quickly by sending it to other members of groups. It would be greatly appreciated by me and O-Town! Thanks!
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